3. (a) Define the term soil. (b) Briefly explain four importance of soil to human life.

(c) Mention three sources of soil nutrients. (2017)

3. (a) Describe​ ​discordant​ ​drainage​ ​system. (b) Explain the process of river transport and describe four ways in which a river transports its​ ​load (2016)

3.With the aid of a well labeled diagram, describe the internal structure of the earth.  (2015)

3. (a) Explain four mechanisms developed by plants in semi arid regions to adapt drought conditions. (b) Describe the characteristics of equatorial forest. (2014)

3. With the aid of diagram, explain any five features formed by wave deposition. (2013)

3. (a) What is an earthquake? (b) Briefly explain five effects of earthquakes.

(c) Describe four ways of reducing the risks of earthquakes. (2012)

3. Soils may differ from one area but they share almost the same components. Describe the composition of the soil. (2011)

3. (a) What is meant by marine erosion?   

(b) Describe four (4) processes which are involved in marine erosion.  (2010)

3. With the aid of diagrams, explain the types of moraines. (2009)

3. (a) Define soil profile using the knowledge you have studied on soil.

(b) With the aid of a labelled diagram, illustrate soil profile.

(c) Explain four (4)​ factors that influence the development of soil profile. (2008)

3. Explain the formation of barchans and seif dunes. (2007)



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