Paper 3

Jul/Aug 2016

3 Hours



Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education


Paper 3

3 Hours



  • This paper consists of three sections; A, B and C.
  • Answer four (4) questions only.
  • All questions carry equal marks.
  • Section A is compulsory. Answer any three (3) questions from sections B and C, choosing at least one question from each section.
  • Any additional question(s) answered will NOT be marked.



SECTION A: (Case Study)

Answer all parts of this question.

  1. Read the case study below and answer the questions that follow;


    Jero is the owner of Blessed Bookshop located in Nama sub-county, Mukono district. He completed S.6 from Universal secondary school in Mukono Municipality in 2010. Jero was forced to prematurely suspend university education because his father could not afford paying his tuition and functional fees at campus.


    In January 2013, Jero was employed as a sales agent by UNIQUE GARMENTS earning shs 50,000 per month. He maintained financial discipline and kept on saving. By the end of the year 2014, he had saved up to a tune of shs 1,000,000 which he used to start Blessed Bookshop.


    To minimize the labour costs, attract the family support, maintain the confidentiality of the business, equip family members with business skills and create employment for family members, he decided to employ his sister, a S.4 vacist to run the Bookshop.


    The business has become popular in the region for being honest to customers, handling customer’s complaint’s well, showing knowledge of the products by giving advice, offering prompt and excellent services, offering after sales services and worker having knowledge of the customers.


    The business records all cash received, banks all cash instantly, restricting the use of business cash for personal matters, gets regular bank statements and ensures a daily cash reconciliation. However, the business is still operating on a small scale.



    1. Give any three reasons why the owner of the Bookshop decided to employ his sister.


    2. Identify any five indicators of good customer care in the business.     (05marks)
    3. What possible challenges are faced by Blessed Bookshop?          (05marks)
    4. Explain the benefits of the Bookshop to the community.              (05marks)
    5. State any four control measures used to ensure proper management of cash.


    6. What lessons can anyone learn from the case study?              (03marks)



  1. Based on your school Entrepreneurship club Business project.
    1. Describe the project.                              (04marks)
    2. (i) Mention any three record books maintained by the business.      (03marks)

      (ii) Give any three reasons for maintaining record books by the business. (03marks)

    3. Explain the measures used to minimize production costs.          (05marks)
    4. Describe the steps you followed to determine the profitability of your business project.                                      (05marks)
    5. Show the elements that helped you to create an effective personal brand for your business project.                                  (05marks)


  2. In relation to your school entrepreneurship club business project;
    1. Describe the business project.                          (04marks)
    2. Show how you implemented the theory of change in the operating activities of the business project.                                  (05marks)
    3. Prepare the work plan you followed when establishing the business project.


    4. Explain why your business project was a good business opportunity. (05marks)
    5. What marketing strategies did you apply to maintain the market share of the business project?                                  (05marks)



  1. For any business enterprise you were attached to;
    1. Describe the nature of the business.                      (04marks)
    2. Present an organizational chart of the business you were attached to. (05marks)
    3. (i) Mention any three social costs of the business you were attached to. (03marks)

      (ii) Describe the measures being employed by the business to overcome social costs

      stated in c(i) above.                              (03marks)    

    4. Explain how the business you were attached to manages difficult customers.


    5. Describe the controls to manage the flow of funds in the business you were attached to.                                          (05marks)


  2. With reference to anyone business field trip you made either as an individual or group.
    1. Describe the business.                              (04marks)
    2. State any three objectives of the field trip.                      (03marks)
    3. (i) Mention the tools used for effective stores management in the business you

      visited.                                      (04marks)

      (ii) Explain the use of the stores management tools mentioned in c(i) above.


    4. Explain how the business you visited ensures proper waste management.


    5. How does the entrepreneur ensure sustainability of the business you visited?




      End –



  • Jonadab Jonathan, May 4, 2023 @ 5:21 pm Reply

    These are fabulous questions thanks.
    If u have any copy in pdf format I request that u help and share ko with me, thanks for the website it’s good

  • Jonadab Jonathan, May 4, 2023 @ 5:21 pm Reply

    These are fabulous questions thanks.
    If u have any copy in pdf format I request that u help and share ko with me, thanks for the website it’s good

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