• Attempt only four question in this paper.
  • Use of relevant diagrams and illustrations will lead to credit.


  1. You are dealing in production and distribution of tomato sauce.
    1. Prepare a weeks’ distribution schedule for business products.
    2. Design a delivery note to be used in the business.         (5marks)
    3. Present a financial plan for the business.             (7marks)
    4. Prepare a suitable advert for business products.         (6marks)
  2. You are managing a partnership business with your two brothers that deals in processing of milk.
    1. Prepare a partnership dead for the business.         (7marks)
    2. Formulate guidelines for developing effective marketing strategy.
    3. Design a questionnaire to be used for establishing the level of creativity for employees.                         (6marks)
    4. Develop a mission and vision statement for the business.     (5marks)
  3. You are a Human Resource Manager of a telecommunication company.
    1. Develop a job specification for an accountant.         (6marks)
    2. Design a form to be used while appraising the performance of workers.                                 (6marks)
    3. Prepare a motivation policy for the company.             (6marks)
    4. Prepare a program for training employees.         (7marks)
  4. You own a construction company and have been awarded a contract to construct Ntenjeru –Mpata Road by Mukono District Council.
    1. Prepare a company profile for the construction company.      (6marks)
    2. Formulate terms and conditions to be included in the contract.
    3. Prepare a contractor’s information board.              (7marks)
    4. Prepare a time sheet to be used in business.          (6marks)


  5. Mukono investments Ltd had the following information.
    1. On 1st April 2018, the business commenced with cash balance Shs 5,000,000.
    2. The business expects to have monthly sales of shs 20,000,000 and 80% is recovered in the month of sale for all sales.
    3. Monthly salaries for 40 workers are projected at shs 12,000 per worker.
    4. The business expects to get a loan of shs 10,000,000 in April.
    5. The business expects donation in cash worth shs 3,000,000 per month and this is expected to reduce by 10% after two months.
    6. Monthly rent income is expected to be shs 5,000,000 but this is expected to increase by 3% after two months.
    7. The business expects to buy premises worth shs 30,000,000 and payment is to be done in ratio 2:3 May and June respectively.
    8. Monthly cash purchases are shs 6,000,000 is expected to increase by 10% on monthly basis.
    9. Monthly interest on loan at a rate of 2% on monthly basis payable after one months’ grace period.
    10. The business will finance any cash short fall with a debenture at the beginning of the next month.
    11. The business is expected to pay a tax of shs 450,000 payable at the end of each quarter.


    1. Prepare a cash flow statement for the second quarter of 2018.
    2. Comment on the net cash position of the business.          (03marks)
    3. Suggest measures to overcome a cash shortfall.          (04marks)

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