112/1 English Week 2 work.




Attempt all the questions.



  1. Your school has invited the Minister of Education and Sports to visit the school. As the Head-prefect, write the welcoming speech you would present.
  2. While students were in class for evening preps, one of the dormitories caught fire causing great damage and destruction. The District Education Officer is visiting your school on a fact finding mission together with other security officers. As the General Secretary of the School Council, prepare a speech you will deliver on what you saw, did and any requests.



Choose one question



3.    Write a composition describing what happened when your family left you alone at home.


4.    Choose one of the following proverbs and write a composition:


  1. Cut your coat according to your cloth.
  2. Literacy cloud has a silver lining.


5.    Write a composition beginning with the phrase ‘It was pitch dark and the man carefully traced his steps…….’


6.    You have friends who abuse drugs and alcohol. What advice can you give them?


7.     Write a story titled, A nasty experience.


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