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INSTRUCTIONS. Read instructions under each section carefully.


1.(i) ball of mass 0.6 kg is kicked vertically up to a height of 6 m. The potential energy acquired by the ball is: A. 0.36 J B. 3.6 J C. 36 J D. 360 J

(ii) From Archimedes’ principle, the upthrust acting on a body is equal to the: A.apparent loss in weight . apparent weight C. weight of a body in air D.weight of a body in water

(iii) l What is the total resistance of two resistors, R1 = 2 Ω and R2 = 3 Ω , connected in parallel? A. 1.2 Ω .B. 5 Ω. C. 6 Ω .D. 12 Ω

(iv)The SI unit of electric charge is: A. ampere B. coulomb C. ohm D.second

(v)The acceleration of a body of mass 30kg when a constant force of 150N is applied on it, will be: A. 0.05 m/s² B. 0.5 m/s². C. 5.0 m/s². D. 50 m/s²

(vi) The materials which allow electricity and heat to pass freely are termed as: A. conductors B. insulators C. semi conductors D. semi Insulators.

(vii) Which pairs of instruments would you use to correctly measure the diameter of a small ball bearing?

A Measuring tape and Vernier caliper .B Slide rule and micrometer screw gauge

C Vernier caliper and slide rule .D Micrometer screw gauge and vernier caliper

E Meter rule and micrometer screw gauge




(viii) An atom is made up of?

A.proton and electron B. electron and Newton C. Neuron and proton D. proton and neutron.

(ix) Is a process of charging a body

  1. Electrophorus B. Charging C. Electrification D. Origin of charges

(x) The SI unit of luminous intensity is?

A. Ohms meter B. Mole C. Candela D. No answer

(xi) The formula of pressure in liquid is

A.hpg B.F/A C. p × v D. m/v








1.(a) Define the term “Pressure”

(b) A rectangular object whose dimensions are 1.4 m by 0.1 m by 2.0 m has a

density of 200 kg/m3. Calculate the minimum pressure when placed on a table.

2. (a) Define the term “force” and state its SI unit

(b) A spring balance reads 12 N when a metal block is suspended from it and 10 N when the block is completely immersed in water. Calculate the:

(i) Upthrust on the block .(ii) Relative density of the block

3. (a) Prove that when three resistors; C1,C2 and C3 are arranged in series, the effective capacitance, Raises the sum of the separate capacitors.

(b) Two capacitors of 20 µF and A µF are connected in series given that the effective capacitance is 4μF find the value of A capacitor.

(c) A capacitor of cross section area 7mm² and distance of separation of the plates is said to be 5mm connected to a potential difference of 25V. Find

(i) Capacitance of a capacitor (ii) Amount of charge stored

4. (a)What are the uses of the following devices?

(i)Manometer. (ii)Hare’s apparatus (inverted U-tube) .(iii)U-tube

(iv)Barometer (v) Volumetric flask (vi) Pipette.

(b) Why a big Elephant manages to walk comfortably in muddy soil without sinking while a human being may sink easily?

(c)Draw a well labeled diagram which demonstrates that liquid pressure depends on depth.



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