Instructions: Answer ALL questions under this paper


Time allowed 1 hour


1. (a) Define the terms scalar and vector and give examples in each

(b) Distinguish between scalar quantities and vector quantities

(c) What is relative velocity

(d)Two cars A and B are moving along a straight line road in the same direction with velocity of 38 km/h and 66 km/h respectively.

(i) Find the velocity of car A to car B (ii) if two cars A and B are moving along a straight road in opposite direction .


2. (a) Explain with examples the term friction (b) Define the following terms (i) normal reaction (ii) limiting friction

(iii) coefficient of dynamic friction (iv) coefficient of static friction

(b) Mention three advantage and three disadvantages of friction

(c) Massamu has a mass of 8kg , she slides on an inclined plane and makes the angle of 450 with the horizontal

if the frictional force is ignored find the acceleration of Massamu.


3. (a) Define the term energy and state it’s si unit (b) Define the si unit of energy (c) List (8) different forms of energy

(d) Mention two forms of mechanical energy (e) Differentiate the two forms of mechanical energy

(f) A stone of mass 6kg is lifted by Angel to a height of 10m above the ground . Find the potential energy of the stone

take [g= 10m/s2]

(g) A train of mass 250kg is travelling at 100km per hour . calculate the kinetic energy of the train.

(h) The kinetic energy of the girl of mass 20kg is 1000J. what is her speed?


4. (a) Define the following (i) static electricity (ii) charge (iii) capacitance (iv) electroforus (v) goldleafe electroscope

(b) Briefly explain the ways of charging a body (vi) outline the ways of charging a gold leaf electroscope

(c) State the electronic law of repulsion and attraction. (d) Draw a well labeled diagram of a gold leaf electroscope.


5. (a) Define the following terms and state their si unit (i) electric current (ii) resistance (iii) resistivity (iv) conductor

(b) State ohm’s law (c) What are the limitations of ohms law (d) Given the potential difference of the circuit is 9v

and the current is 3A . find the resistance of the circuit.

6. (a) What Is meant by a fuse (b) How does fuse prevent the large current from entering the circuit in the appliance

(c) Fuse wires are labeled 1A, 1.6A, 9A , 30A and 40A . Which of this is most suitable for

(i) A refrigerator rated 250V , 400W (ii) The electric cooker rated 240V,7.2 kw (iii) The electric iron rate 2240V,2kw

(iv)Water heater rated 240V,9.48kw

(d) A domestic lamp is marked 240V, 60W. calculate the (i) maximum current it takes (ii) resistance of the filament of

the lamp.




  • Moses malith, March 13, 2023 @ 7:55 pm Reply

    Am interested in the school online

  • Moses malith, March 13, 2023 @ 7:55 pm Reply

    Am interested in the school online

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