Report are mostly accompanied by diagrams likes graphs, pictures,tables,or pie chats.This mans u must be imposition to accurately interpret the diagrams taking note that unless told not to so,u have to describe whats the diagram explain what it means and if it’s a prob offer solution

Report normally need polite and formal English.A report is written like a Memorandum in the format of





On subject matter u write a summary 9f wat the report is about.On Application u need to make your report appear genuine u need to be creative.Give names of people and create examples.U may also bere and there address the receiver in his capacity so that it appears that indeed u are responding to someone.The intro must luk like a formal letter 9ntro for Example:

I have written this report to clarify why I came late for work on 20 May 2019 following your directive that I do so……..

It must clearly states what a are you writing about and why.The body must have paragraphs with discourse markers at the beginning of each paragraph.These are words like in addition, moreover,over and obove this, to add on etc.. Conjunction to say.


The conlus6 must be a summary of what u have written and must simply bigin wit the words IN CONCLUSION……


Sometimes questions do not come up clear on whether the question u have been asked requires u to write a formal letter or friendly .What u need to luk at are 6je the issues involved if they are official aspects then the letter is formal.Or if either receiver or sender is involved in official capacity then the letter becomes official.

There are many types of formal letters .We have:


Application letter

Complain letter

The writt8ng format for all of them is similar and you need to be careful on the following:


Name of the receiver

Open salutations





Clossing salutation


On the address the letter has two addresses and your address as the writer shud be on top and can be placed whre u want either to the left or to the right .That one is flexible but the receiver’s address shud be at the left side

When writting the receiver’s address you need to first write the name or position of the person top of it like:

The Manager

Agribank Marondera

Post Office Box….

Amplification requires a bit of cleverness as u need to know what kind of person recieves a particular letter for instance kana pari paxull it’s mostly u write to The Headmaster;paCollage, Principal;pakutsvaga basa Human Resources Manager etc…

Then the date is written after the second address when you have skipped a line

After that u write the opening salutations: if you don’t know the gender you write

Dear Sir/madam

RE: Application for a job……

After that comes the introduction in the intro u must state precisely why you have written it.And when it is an application letter u also introduce your age, gender and Marita status in the introduction

If it is any other kind of letter u must state on whose behalf are you writing.The following are examples


I have do hereby write this letter applying for a job as a Security Guard which I saw advertised in the Sunday Mail of 3 May 2020. I am a gentleman aged 25.I am single.


I have written this letter to complain over the behavior of your workers at my gate.I have written on behalf of my family.

NB: remember to always refer yourself modestly that is either Lady or gentleman.There is no boy,girl, woman or man in referring to yourself. The body must short and to the point .Avoid a lot of information write shortly and if it is Application letter about qualifications u can simply write as I HAVE 5 O LEVELS INCLUDING ENGLISH &MATHS

If u see need for other information just say , FOR MORE INFORMATION I REFER YOU TO MY CVs ATTACHED TO THIS LETTER

U conclude your letter with this statement:

I look foward to hearing from you and would greatly appreciate your consideration.PLIS NOTE THIS INFORMATION IS APPLICABLE TO ALL FORMAL LETTERS.


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