Paper 1

Jul/Aug 2019

3 Hours






Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education


Paper 1

3 Hours



  • This paper consists of two sections, section A and B
  • Section A is Compulsory. Answers to this section should be precise and concise
  • Answer Four questions from Section B.
  • Any additional question(s) answered will not be marked.
  • Make a grid and show the questions answered in their order.


  1. a) (i) Distinguish between an entrepreneur and intrapreneur.          (02 marks)

    (ii) Mention any two entrepreneurial management skills.              (02 marks)


    b) (i) Define the term record keeping.                          (01 mark)

    (ii) Identify any three aims of maintaining financial records in the business. (03 marks)


    c) (i) What is meant by the term business opportunity?             

    (ii) Outline any three factors considered when deciding the type of business to engage

    in.                                          (03 marks)


    d) (i) Differentiate between change and theory of change.              (02 marks)

    ó (ii) Give any two items included in theory of change.              (02 marks)


    e) Write down two:

        (i) adverse effects of competition.                          (02 marks)

    (ii) ways how firms compete in business.      (2 marks)


    SECTION B                


  2. a) Why may newspaper be preferred to Radio as a form of advertising media? (10 marks)

    b) When may an entrepreneur carryout sales promotions in business?      (10 marks)


  3. a) Explain the tools used in inventory and stores management.          (12 marks)

    b) Of what relevance is inventory management in business?          (08 marks)


  4. a) Discuss the various sources of employee recruitment.              (08 marks)

    b) Account for wage variation among workers in business.              (12 marks)


  5. a) Explain the procedures involved in preparation of a plan for starting up a business.

    (06 marks)

b) Describe the structure of an executive summary of a business plan.     (14 marks)

  1. a) Examine the role of taxation in development of your country.         (10 marks)

    b) Explain the essentials of a good tax system.                  (10 marks)


  2. a) Describe the different players in Uganda’s capital markets.          (10 marks)

    b) Discuss the challenges facing Uganda securities exchange.         (10 marks)


  • End –



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